Healing in Yorkshire

Reiki healing and Reiki Attunements facilitated by Deborah Norfolk
Reiki Master Teacher

In this modern world we live in, stress and stress-related problems such as muscle stiffness, back pain and a myriad of other complaints, both physical and mental are on the increase.  More and more people are finding that their working environments are playing havoc with their body's equilibrium and overall we find that we have less quality time for ourselves.  Time to re-connect or just to chill out ..............


Reiki is the natural Life-Force Energy, when used in healing, effects the body-energy holistcally, thereby bringing relief.


Reiki-Yorkshire utilises a non-invasive practice of healing pioneered in the mid 1800's by Dr Mikau Usui in Kyoto, Japan.



 Hypnotherapy in Yorkshire                                

 Hypnotherapy in Bradford

Baildon Hypnotherapist

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