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Fibromyalgia and Fatigue - My Story!


I woke from my slumbers one January morning with a pain in my right upper arm - I thought maybe I had pulled a muscle when I was gardening, perhaps overstretching myself as I flung 10 foot long branches onto our inferno of a bonfire; but then that was a week ago and surely I would have noticed those after-effects of exertion immediately?  It progressed and worsened over the following weeks.  I became physically wearied, unable to complete washing-up the dinner plates without sitting to rest after a few minutes.  Reaching for a plate from our kitchen cupboard was a mammoth undertaking.  My mind had become foggy and my conversation had a limited vocabulary.

I was using self-hypnosis, meditation and of course daily Reiki healing.  All my efforts to rid myself of this burden seemed not to help.  I resorted to an appointment at our local G.P. and on relating to her that I had fibromyalgia received a blank stare! No help there then!!

It was when I was doing automatic writing, at 3am (unable to sleep, another symptom) that I was given a message that began my recovery.  'Rest, rest, rest' - 'Put yourself first before all others' - 'Care for yourself first'.  All that our society tells us is a selfish act. 

I discover that my life has always been 'putting others first' and I find that now,well into my first 'half century' that this is by no means the optimum way to live.  Nor is it a way to truly help others or myself at a deep level.  I see how I have manoeuvered myself into positions of being the helper/giver at the expense of my own upliftment.  I begin now to realise that in order to assist others, I must uplift them to 'their own self-sufficiency', without draining my own resources.

As I come to terms with making these so very necessary changes I am given more information during meditation, to begin taking minerals.  I know nothing of this area and so I study all I can about how minerals play such an important role in health.  I stumble across (or did the Universe direct me) a website where I found tons of information to help me make the right choices for my well-being.  I began taking Fulvic Acid Minerals (see link to store below) and within 3 months I was pain-free!!  I then ordered my first bottle of Lugols Iodine and within 24 hours my fogged-up brain had cleared!!

1 year on I happily and contentedly have my life and my health back! 






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